Subject Outlines Documentation

CIS Subject Outlines was created to meet the subject outline needs of faculties. The system enables creation of subject outlines from a single source of data, drawing in high-level CASS data and merging it with the CIS descriptive data. It allows subject coordinators to manage and amend their own specific data while at the same time securing high-level data integrity. It also seamlessly manages the consistency of information provided to students.

CIS Subject Outlines allows subject coordinators to have access to a designated set of fields for only their own subjects. This security model enables subject coordinators to manage their own changeable data while at the same time protecting the high-level, faculty-approved subject data from unauthorised changes.

The data in CIS Subject Outlines is used in conjunction with the data in CASS and CIS to produce several products including subject outline PDFs for students.

All generated PDFs are captured in CIS and transferred to TRIM (the UTS record system) at scheduled times for future reference.

This documentation contains information on the following:

  • Access: how to get access, levels of available access, the User Registration form, system requirements
  • Fields: what fields subject coordinators can edit
  • Procedures: how to find and update your subjects
  • Schedule: the latest date your subject outline should be available to students (note: your faculty may have an earlier deadline)
  • Resources: useful resources for managing data, PDF file name conventions, user training videos demonstrating basic system functions
  • Contacts: your faculty contact
  • Frequently asked questions

Download the Subject Outlines: A Basic Users' Guide: this guide is for subject coordinators who are responsible for editing data in SO and producing subject outline PDFs via the system; it does not replace the online documentation, but rather acts as a condensed version pointing you to the detailed information.