When should the subject outline be available

Subject outline PDFs are due by 11.59pm on the Monday, one week before session commences (see UTS Rule 3.7.3 and the Subject Descriptions and Outlines Policy), section 6.4.

Outlines generated in the system after the deadline are labelled 'late'.

Note: Individual faculties will have their own subject outline deadlines which may be earlier than those applied in the system. Check with your faculty for details.

UTSOnline subject sites are created a number of weeks before the subject outline PDF due date and are automatically made available to students the day of the subject outline PDF due date.

Key dates will be added below as they become available. Further details about subject site creation, are available from UTSOnline.

Subject Outlines 2021

8 February, 11.59pmLast day for on-time Calendar D Autumn session subject outlines
15 February, 11.59pmLast day for on-time Autumn and Calendar B Autumn sessions subject outlines
12 July, 11.59pmLast day for on-time Calendar D Spring session subject outlines
19 July, 11.59pmLast day for on-time Calendar B Spring session subject outlines
26 July, 11.59pmLast day for on-time Spring 2021 and Calendar C Spring sessions subject outlines
29 November, 11.59pmLast day for on-time Summer session subject outlines

See the Academic year dates in the UTS: Handbook for all session dates.

See PDF naming conventions for details on how subject outline PDF files are named.

Copy to TRIM

At scheduled times throughout the year, all outlines (i.e. on time, amended, late, late amended) are copied from CIS Subject Outlines to TRIM (the University's record system) for storage and future reference. They can also be downloaded to your computer.

The version(s) of the subject outline stored on TRIM will be the version(s) used for resolving any disputes with students.